Poster Child

Wilfred Free sweater & jeans; Coach bag; Vince boots

Speaking of romance, Jon sold his iPhone 6 Plus to our good friend, Derek, and bought the iPhone 6. This way I get the phone I want once he upgrades because I get all his hand-me-down iPhones. Jon really likes the Plus, but it’s just a little too big for my small hands. While others may not find this very sweet at all, it’s actually Jon’s way of showing me his love, which is so him.

Jon doesn’t blog consistently, but when he does, his posts are so much fun to read. He’s got a very distinct voice, which I think is the essence of good writing. Over the years, my voice has evolved through this blog, and it has unknowingly helped me to develop my academic voice. Academic writing has changed so much since I was last in school. These days, writers are expected to blend their unique, personal voice with academic material. It’s easy to write with a passive, unbiased voice, but to write in a way that makes the topic come alive is the real test of grad school.

Back to my original point, you guys should check out Jon’s recent posts on Trello and Machu Picchu. Occasionally, I browse through his Old Digital Soapbox, and it seriously makes me laugh out loud. He’s got a wicked sense of humour that sometimes actually gets him out of trouble when we fight. I heart him so much.

My program breaks for spring, but then I have to take summer courses in July and August. Since I’m short some psych credits for registration after I graduate, I will be taking two more undergraduate courses in May and June. This means I have no summer. Nonetheless, there is a lot to look forward to.

We’ve been seeing the geese in pairs lately, which leads me to believe it’s mating season. I can’t wait to see this year’s goslings. Anyways, it’s down to the last two weeks of school, so this will be my last post for awhile. Try not to miss me.


Langevin Bridge; Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre

Don’t for a minute change the place you’re in

- John Mayer, Stop This Train

Wilfred Free sweater; TNA leggings; Coach bag; Converse shoes

When I applied for grad school, my three year plan was to continue working full-time at my previous job while going to school part-time so that our income would remain the same and we could continue to pay for life as per usual. Instead, I quit my job before even starting school, and then school turned out to be a lot more demanding than I anticipated. As such, I settled for a desk job that pays HALF of what I was making before.

The decrease in salary has been tough on our finances (will elaborate more in my next post), but even more so on my ego. I hate not getting paid what I’m worth. That being said, I recently interviewed for a job and although it pays double what I’m making now, I decided to turn it down simply because it would not accommodate my school schedule and, looking ahead, my summer plans. It sucks, but I feel at peace with the decision.

Even though it didn’t work out, I’m glad I tried because not trying is what you keeps you wondering and ultimately unhappy. The experience reinforced that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. It’s not perfect, but all things considered, I have it pretty good where I am. Some days I feel stressed and annoyed, but most days, all I do is school work, which was my primary reason for taking this job in the first place.

We all have to make compromises. For some students, they’ve had to cut down to one course a semester while working full-time, thus extending their program to six years. Those who work full-time while taking two courses are crazy, and I don’t know how they do it. For me, I had to compromise income by taking an easy job so that I can still have balance in my life while taking two courses in order to finish in three years.

Anyways, Stop This Train always brings me back to second year, and it’s a reminder that life is constantly moving. Sometimes we’re meant to move with it. Other times, we’re meant to stay exactly where we are. My heart at 19 wanted to be in a million different places, and this song was what anchored me to stay put and finish my degree. The lyrics still resonates with me today.


Summer kisses, winter tears

It’s my favourite week of the academic year: READING WEEK! I still believe someone was thinking of me when they implemented this idea. My anxiety has subsided significantly since first semester, but the stress and pressure are still there. Nonetheless, I’m grateful for little breaks that allow me to catch up on life. Yesterday after work, I spent the entire evening doing chores like dishes, laundry, and cleaning; even did a big grocery shop. #feelsgoodman

If homemaking actually paid the bills, I would totally be a full-time, professional homemaker. I truly believe the work inside the home is just as important as work outside the home. I don’t think people realize how much valuable work goes into caring for the home, and how it can contribute to one’s well-being and happiness. Fortunately, I get a lot of help from Jon. His main responsibility is taking care of all the tech stuff like setting up the home theatre so I can watch my favourites shows. But he also does a lot of little chores like taking out the trash, emptying the dish rack, and filling the humidifier with water everyday. He’s really stepped up since I started school, which I appreciate more than roses on Valentine’s Day.

It actually feels like spring right now in Calgary, but I took the picture below a couple weeks ago when I was having a bad day and I wanted to throw in the towel. But the snow on this beautiful day reminded me that nothing is permanent, and things can always change, like seasons and situations.


Ours was just a love gone wrong

- You+Me, Love Gone Wrong

It’s been kind of a rough start to a new semester. In some ways, I feel like I’m still recovering from the exhaustion of last semester and the holiday season. Plus, working a lot at both jobs in January left me with little to no energy in the evenings. But in all honesty, I’ve also been watching nonstop reruns of Sex and the City, beginning with S1 and now I’m on S4.

I’m back to bangs. I was growing it out for a long time but would always tie it back. I hate hair anywhere close to my eyes, partly because it bothers me when I read. As for the red lips and soft eye makeup, it’s a rare appearance these days as I love wearing no makeup. Mostly because I’m lazy and I like my beauty sleep. Priorities change, and dolling up for work or brunch… well… ain’t nobody got time for that.

In other news, we sold my MacBook to my dad (aka Jon’s old MacBook). I get all his hand-me-down Apple products. My dad uses the laptop to do online banking and watch YouTube videos, which only further confirms I am his daughter. Then Jon bought me a new MacBook Air. It’s seriously the perfect student computer. It’s so light that it weighs less than my human development textbook.

I pretty much like all genres of music, but I especially love anything acoustic. Thus, it’s no surprise I’ve been listening to a lot of You+Me, which resembles the Civil Wars in it’s folky and soulful melodies. My favourite song is Love Gone Wrong. Click below to listen… on repeat.

I finally got around to rewriting my “About Me” page. I tried to distill it to just describe what I’m doing and what this blog is about because who I am is simply embedded in every post of this blog. I’m pleased with the revision, and I hope you like it as well.

Anyways, I was sick over the weekend and felt totally lethargic. While I also felt guilty about not doing much school work, it felt even better to do nothing for a change. Man, I can’t remember what it was like to only work one job and have all weekend just to chill.

Alas, it’s Monday.


Treat yo self

Canada Goose jacket; 7 For All Mankind jeans; Sorel boots; L.L.Bean bag

Can I even call myself a blogger anymore? Seriously, I suck at it. My lack of posting is nothing new, and if you had to guess the reason, yes, it’s school. The first week of January was Block Week at the University, so school didn’t officially start until last Monday. There’s no such thing as easing in, so you just hit the ground running the second classes start.

If you can believe it, I’m already behind. For some reason, I thought this semester would be slightly easier, but then I was “surprised” by all the work required for only the first week. Like reading. And more reading. And lectures. And learning exercises. And thinking. And processing. And reflecting. And writing. And MORE writing.

Basically, I had forgotten how to do school, and I think my brain blocked out the memory of how grueling last semester was. I’m afraid to even say that I think this semester will be even harder. I’m taking two courses again. Last semester, I took counselling theories and learning theories. This semester, it’s ethics and human development. There’s so much more to counselling than just listening to people talk about their problems. If only it were that easy.

Jon is back from a week long trip in Peru for Charles’ bachelor party. If you know him at all, you’d know he’s not exactly the outdoorsy type. So the fact that he survived the Inca trail to Machu Picchu is quite impressive. I’m sure he’ll write a blog post about it eventually. Now that he’s home, he’s determined to begin his new three years resolution. While I’m glad he’s home for many reasons, I’m excited to have him resume his duties of taking care of the humidifier. Priorities, you guys.

I know I didn’t follow through with a lot of my plans for the blog in December, and while my heart always longs to write for this blog, it continues to be increasingly challenging because of school. If I have a little bit of breathing room this semester, I will be sure to pop in.


Picture or it didn’t happen.