She designed a life she loved

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Since the big move, life has been constantly busy. On our own, Fiancé and I both live very busy lives. We’re both juggling full-time jobs, church commitments, personal hobbies, time with friends, premarital counselling, and of course, wedding planning. Fiancé recently wrote his ‘Fundamentals of Engineering’ exam, which consumed about 2 weeks of his life. I’m currently working on developing a Shop for my blog (more on this later), and as per usual, writing for my blog which sometimes feels like a part-time job.

Even though we both have a lot on our plate right now, we still make time to enjoy life together. Sometimes I forget Fiancé only moved here 3 months ago, and when you go from being a long-distance couple to living in the same city, life is suddenly different; but in the most wonderful way. After so many years of being apart, I never take for the granted the fact that we can finally do things together, like go out for a steak dinner on a Wednesday night to celebrate Fiancé’s birthday or simply grab a slice of pizza in our neighbourhood before heading to see a play. My favourite is cooking dinner together and then ending off the night watching a couple episodes of Mad Men.

In addition, we’re really enjoying our place. Home décor is coming together nicely even though we’re on a strict budget. We can’t spend as much as we would like on this and that, and though we’re still missing a lot of things like dinner plates and good forks, I’m really happy with what we’ve done with the place so far. I simply love having a coffee table and being able to decorate it with my favourite books and fresh flowers. I know Fiancé is very pleased with our home theatre system and how everything is perfectly set up so we can both enjoy tv shows and movies. Our condo is nested in the city, just 5 minutes outside of downtown, and our backyard is literally a giant park beside the river. On Sunday evening, we took our first walk together to take in some fresh air and enjoy the summer-like weather.

Right now, life is the perfect mix of keeping busy and enjoying the home life. With the wedding fast approaching, it’s nice that we have our own space to enjoy simple things like a delicious piece of cake or the setting sun behind the city skyline. This is the kind of life we always dreamed of: one full of beauty, enjoyment, and fun.


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